To manage a device with OmniVista Cirrus, you must first add the device to the Device Catalog. When you add a device to the catalog list, you must specify one of the following Management Modes for the device:

  • Full Management Mode - The device is directly managed and configured through OmniVista Cirrus 10.2. After a device is added in this mode, the device is then validated by the OmniVista Cirrus 10.2 Server. Once the device is validated and connected to your network, it is available for full management. An overview of the device catalog workflow is shown below.

  • Analytics Only Mode - The device is directly managed and configured by an OmniVista Legacy instance (OmniVista 2500 NMS 4.6 or OmniVista Cirrus 4.6), but OmniVista Cirrus 10.2 will only gather and monitor analytic data sent from the device. The validation process for the device is completed through the OmniVista Legacy Server and the device is only declared in OmniVista Cirrus 10.2 for monitoring purposes.

To add one or more devices to the Device Catalog list, use one of the following methods:

Device Catalog Workflow for Full Management

The following provides an overview of the basic process flow for adding/licensing devices:

1. Add a device to the Device Catalog.

2. OmniVista Cirrus validates the device.

3. The device status changes to “Waiting for First Contact”. At this stage, the device has been validated and the OmniVista Cirrus Server is waiting for the device to connect to it. Once the device is connected to the network, the device will be ready for licensing.

4. OmniVista Cirrus licenses the device.

5. The device status changes to “OV Managed” and is now ready for full management.

The device status is displayed in real time in the Activation Status column on the Device Catalog screen. Note that a device may go through several intermediate steps (e.g., Upgrading) before reaching a final step (e.g., OV Managed).