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Import Devices from an Excel Sheet

The Device List screen displays a list of devices that are known to an organization site. The list will be empty if no devices have been added to the site. There are three methods for adding a device to a site: import an OmniVista CSV file, import an Excel XLSX file, or manually add a device (Full Management Mode or Analytics Only Mode).

To import devices from an existing Excel sheet (.xlxs), click on Import from… and select XLSX template file. An “Import” form will open on which you will select the Management Mode (Full Management or Analytics Only) and complete the related fields for the selected mode.


Step 1. Management Mode Selection

Full Management - Select the Full Management option (the default) to import devices that OmniVista Cirrus will directly configure and manage from the OmniVista Cirrus user interface. Note that this mode applies to both Switch and AP devices.

Analytics Only - Select the Analytics Only option to import devices that are already configured and managed by OmniVista 2500 NMS or OmniVista Cirrus 4. Analytics Only devices are declared in OmniVista Cirrus 10 only for monitoring and reporting information sent from the devices. Note that this mode applies only to Access Points.

Step 2. Download XLSX Template

Click on Download XLSX template and specify where you would like to save the template file. When you open the template file, instructions are provided about how to define the devices to be added.

There is a different XLSX template file for each Management Mode. Depending on which mode you select (Full or Analytics Only), the corresponding template file is made available for download.

Consider the following when filling out and importing the template file:

  • If the serial number and Management Mode for a device defined in the import template file matches the serial number and Management Mode of a device already known in the Device Catalog, then OmniVista Cirrus imports the serial number and overwrites the device details with the template device details.

  • If the serial number for a device defined in the import template file matches the serial number of a device already known in the Device Catalog but the Management Mode is different, then OmniVista Cirrus will not import the serial number and related device details.

The following sample template file is an example of the template provided for Full Management devices:


The following sample template file is an example of the template provided for Analytics Only devices:


Fill out the template with information for each device that you want to import into OmniVista Cirrus. Once the file is complete and saved, return to Step 3 on the Import form.

Step 3. Import the edited file and select the site of attachment

Complete the following fields to import the devices listed in the template file:

  • File Browser - Click in this field to find and select the existing template file to import.

  • Site Assignment - Click in this field to display a list of Organization Sites and select the site to which the devices defined in the template file will be imported.

  • Group Assignment (Full Management) - Click on this field to select the Access Point Group to which the devices will be assigned. The provisioning configuration associated with this group will be applied to the imported devices. This field does not apply or display when Analytics Only mode is selected.

If the Access Point Group is associated with more SSIDs than the AP model can support, then you cannot add the AP to the group.

Once the Import form is complete, click on Import. The Device Catalog for the site is populated with the imported devices.

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