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Configure and Manage Device Inventory

The Inventory application is used to manage OmniVista Cirrus device inventory. This includes adding, editing, or deleting network devices from the inventory. To access the Inventory application, click on the Inventory option under the “Configure” section of the OmniVista Cirrus Menu.

When you click on the Inventory option, the following list of applications are provided to assist with managing the inventory:

  • Device Catalog - Used to add, edit, delete network devices to/from OmniVista Cirrus.

  • Device Troubleshooting - Used to send commands to network devices to troubleshoot and resolve device problems.

  • Naas Device Licenses - Displays the Network as a Service (NaaS) licensing information for managed network devices.

  • Device Location - Manage where a network device is located on a floorplan for a specific building within an Organization Site.

  • Scheduled Upgrades - Used to schedule automatic upgrades to specific network devices during specific time windows (e.g., non-business hours) to ensure minimal network disruption.

  • Access Point Groups - Displays information about configured Access Point (AP) Groups. This screen is also used to create, edit, or delete AP Groups. Stellar AP Series devices are managed by AP Group. OmniVista does not manage individual APs. You must first add APs to AP Groups. The attributes configured for the AP Group are applied to all APs in the group. Specifying an AP Group is required when adding an AP to the Device Catalog.

  • Provisioning Configuration - Displays information about Provisioning Configurations that are assigned to AP Groups. Access Points that are members of an AP Group utilize the Provisioning Configuration associated with the group to boot up and get a basic configuration. Specifying a Provisioning Configuration is required when creating an AP Group.

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