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Access Records

To monitor the access records of clients, click on Network > Access Records under the “Monitor” section of the OmniVista Cirrus Menu. The following list of available Access Records to monitor displays:

  • Authentication Records - Displays authentication information for all devices authenticated through UPAM. There is an option to view authentication records for clients currently online and an option to review historical client records. Use this information to troubleshoot authentication failures.

  • Captive Portal Records - Displays Captive Portal information for all devices authenticated through UPAM. Use this information to check the results of Captive Portal authentication and in case of failure, check the reason UPAM rejected the access request.

  • Self-Registration Requests - Displays a list of guest requests for self-registration. This screen is used to review, approve or reject self-registration requests from Guest Users.

  • Guest Devices - Displays a list of all guest devices that have authenticated through UPAM.

  • BYOD Devices - Displays a list of all BYOD devices authenticated through UPAM.

  • IoT Devices - Displays a list of all endpoint devices that connect to the network (for example, PCs, Tablets, Smartphones). You can display a summary of the IoT device inventory or customize the display by classification/authentication, location, or profiling data.

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