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Radio Frequency Details

Click on the RF Details tab on the Device Catalog screen to display Radio Frequency attributes for managed AP devices. On the RF Details screen, you can select if you want view RF Details for all Sites or for a specific Site within the Organization.


Displaying RF Details Information

Click the Additional Information icon next to a RF Details entry to display the Additional Information screen. The information displayed on this screen is defined below.

  • Friendly Name - The name assigned to the AP device is derived from the Preferred Device Naming convention specified in the user preference settings. By default, the Friendly Name is set to IP Address (System Name).

  • MAC Address - The MAC address of the AP device.

  • AP Model - The Access Point model number.

  • RF Profile Name - The name of the Radio Frequency profile to which the device was assigned. The RF profile is assigned to a provisioning configuration, which provides configuration information for the AP Group to which the AP belongs. You can also change the RF Profile at the device level through the Device Catalog Edit Device menu (Information, Group/RF Profile, Assigned Site). Note that changing the RF Profile at the device level takes precedence over the profile assigned through the Provisioning Configuration.

  • Band - The working radio band (2.4G, 5G Low, 5G High, 5G All, 6G).

  • Channel - The working channel of the radio.

  • Channel Width - The channel width setting. Controls how broad the signal is for transferring data.

    • 2.4G - 20MHz/40MHz

    • 5G - 20MHz/40MHz/80MHz/160MHz.

    • 6G - 20MHz/40MHz/80MHz/160MHz

  • Channel Utilization - The channel usage within each band.

  • TX power (EIRP) - The Effective Isotropically Radiated Power radio frequency for the AP.

  • TX Chain Mask - TBD

  • Avg Noise Floor - The measure of the signal created from the sum of all noise sources and unwanted signals within a measurement system, where noise is defined as any signal other than the one being monitored.

  • Timestamp - The last date and time OmniVista Cirrus received RF details for the AP.

  • Site Name - The name of the Organization Site to which the device belongs.

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