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Events - FAQs/Troubleshooting

From Event Application, I can’t select the larger period in the data filter.

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The time range which can be selected in Event application is based on the data persistency values set in the Basic Settings.

For Traps,

  • Check the time period selected for ‘Event Traps’ in Basic Settings.

  • Limit for the Traps is minimum 7 days to maximum 30 days.

For QoE Analytics,

  • Limit is set to 5 days by default and maximum time span can be selected is 24 hours.

  • This is default settings and can’t be modified.

I don’t see Live Notifications in the Real Time.

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  • Live Notification is displayed at the interval of one minute.

  • Notification panel displays only the latest 10 (approx.) records and to see all notifications you can Click on ‘see all’ option at bottom.

I don’t see the specific type of Traps in the Event Application.

Traps are received from Access points depending upon the Event Type selected in the Event Configuration.

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  • Check the correct Scope and Time period is selected.

  • Go to Network Events >Event Configuration.

  • Configuration is applied to Access Point as per device selection in the Event Configuration.

  • Edit the configuration, Select the missing Event type and save the changes.

  • Then you will start receiving selected Traps.

I don’t see the QoE Events updated in the Event Application.

QoE Events are received as per the configuration done in the external engines.

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  • First check, correct Scope and Time period is selected.

  • Go to Wireless > Advanced > External Engines.

  • Select the engine with type ‘OmniVista Cirrus Advanced Analytics’.

  • Check the missing type is selected in QoE Events.

  • If No, select the type and set the Interval.

  • If Yes, please check the interval configured, the event is received as per the interval. Please check Event Application after the configured Interval Time period.

How can I modify the Severity for the Event?

Event Severity depends upon the settings done in the Event Definition.

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  • Go to Network Events >Event Definitions.

  • Select the event type and click on Edit.

  • Can update the Severity and the Synopsis and click on save button.

  • The existing Events and new Events will have the modified Severity.

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