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Event Configuration

The Event Configuration screen is used to configure network devices to send events to OmniVista Cirrus and displays a list of existing event configurations. Note that until you configure events on network devices, you will not be able to receive or view any event notifications on the Events screen.

To access the Event Configuration screen, click on Diagnostic Tools > Network Events > Event Configuration under the “Monitor” section of the OmniVista Cirrus Menu.

Create an Event Configuration

Creating an event configuration is a two-part process: first you select the devices for which you want to configure events, then you specify the events you want to be sent to the OmniVista Cirrus. At the end of the process, the event configuration is then pushed to a device after the devices reboots.

Configuring events is supported only on devices that are fully managed by OmniVista Cirrus.

To create an event configuration, click on Add Event Configuration on the Event Configuration screen. The Create Event Configuration screen opens from which you can enter identifying information, select devices, and select events to configure on the devices.


Enter a name to assign to the event configuration and an optional description.

Device Selection

Select devices for which you want to configure events using one or more of the following methods:

  • Select sites - Click on this field to display a list of Sites for the Organization. Select the desired Site from the drop-down menu. The event configuration will be applied to all Access Points in all AP Groups associated with the Site.

  • Select some AP Groups - Click on Add more site to select some AP Groups from a specific Site. The event configuration is applied only to the Access Points in the selected AP Groups from the selected Site.

  • Select devices - Click on this field to display a list of devices. Select the device from the drop-down menu. Repeat this action for each device you want to select. To pick devices from a list of devices, click on “Launch device selection dialog”. A Device Selection window opens from which you can select devices.

Event Selection

Click on Add/Remove to open the events selection window.

Select the events that you want to configure on the selected devices, then click OK. The event selection window closes and a list of the events you selected is displayed.

When you are done defining the event information, device selection, and event selection, click Create Event Configuration. The event configuration will be pushed to the selected devices with name of “trap.conf” (tmp/config/trap.conf).

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