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Network Events

The Network Events application provides the following screens to monitor network events and configure event management tasks:

  • Events - Displays a list of events received over a specific period of time. Can filter the list based on whether to include analytics events (for example, QoE Analytics) or only trap notifications from network devices.

  • Event Definitions - Provides definitions for supported events received from network devices.

  • Event Responder - Used to configure the response (if any) that you want OmniVista Cirrus to take when a specified event is received. The event can be specified by severity level or through the use of filters. The response can take the form of an e-mail sent to a user-specified address and/or an auto-acknowledgement (auto-ack) of the event.

  • Event Configuration - Used to configure network devices to send events to OmniVista Cirrus. Until you configure events on the network devices, you will not be able to receive or view any event notifications on the Events screen.

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