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Configure Organizations for Network Management

Organization networks are monitored and managed using the Organization’s Dashboard. This section details everything you need to know to configure and manage Organizations in OmniVista Cirrus 10, including creating Organizations, creating/modifying sites, adding devices, and adding users.

Once you have access to an Organization's Management Portal, you can configure the Organization for network management. Configuring a Management Portal for an Organization includes the tasks listed below. Any MSP User or Organization User with Admin privileges can perform these tasks. The order shown below is suggested; however, you can create sites, buildings, floors, devices, and users at any time. Click on a task hyperlink for more detailed procedures.

  1. Configure and Manage an Organization

  2. Configure and Manage a Site

  3. Configure and Manage a Building

  4. Configure and Manage a Floor (Floorplans)

  5. Configure and Manage a Device

  6. Configure and Manage Walls

  7. Configure and Manage Users

  8. Configure and Manage Organization Settings

  9. Configure and Manage an Organization License

  10. View Audit Log Events at the Organization Level

  11. Review Login Attempts at the Organization Level

Note: If you are going to add Remote Access Points (RAPs) to manage from OmniVista Cirrus 10, you will need to create a specific Organization for managing RAPs. Click here for procedures on creating a RAP Organization and adding RAPs to that Organization for management.

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