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Configure and Manage Users

The Users application on the Organization Dashboard is where user-access to the Organization is configured and managed. Access to OmniVista is controlled through the definition of user logins and passwords. To access the Users application, click on the Users option under the “Organization” section of the OmniVista Cirrus Menu (Organization > Users).

When you click on the Users option, the following lists of screens are provided to assist with configuring and managing user access to the Organization:

  • User Accounts & Roles - Invite multiple users defined in an Excel (.xlxs) sheet or manually invite a single user to join the Organization.

  • Login Attempts - Review a history of user login attempts to the Organization.

  • Two-Factor Authentication - Enable/disable Two-Factor Authentication for user login.

  • Audit Logs - Review a list of all actions performed by Organization users.

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