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Getting Started

This section details everything you need to know to get up and running with OmniVista Cirrus R10, including creating an OmniVista Cirrus Account and creating and managing Organizations (creating sites, adding devices, creating users). It also provides an overview of the OmniVista Cirrus User Interface to help you navigate the application.

Use the information provided in the following sections to get started with OmniVista Cirrus R10:

  • Network and Device Prerequisites - There are certain prerequisites that you must verify/configure on your local network and devices before getting started. For example:

    • Network DHCP Server, Firewall, and NTP Server requirements.

    • Minimum AWOS software release requirements, including a firmware update for Access Points.

    • OmniVista Legacy requirements for Access Points running in the Analytics Only mode.

  • Create an Account/Access Management Portal - Learn how to create an OmniVista Cirrus R10 Account and access your Management Portal.

  • Declare your Access Points in OmniVista Cirrus R10 - Learn how to declare your Access Point devices using the Device Catalog application. When you add an Access Point device to the Device Catalog, the device serial number is sent to the OmniVista Cirrus Server for validation.

  • Start the Device Activation Process - An Access Point device must connect to the OmniVista Cirrus Server to complete the activation process. After a device is added to the Device Catalog, connect the device to the network and power it on. The device will automatically call home to the OmniVista Cirrus Server to register and complete the activation process, if the Network and Device Prerequisites have been met.

Once the above requirements are met and the access points declared, you can start to manage and/or collect and monitor QoE/Advanced Analytics data using OmniVista Cirrus R10.

Additionally, you may want to:

  • Move Access Points from OmniVista Cirrus 4 to OmniVista Cirrus R10 - Add Access Points managed in OmniVista Cirrus 4 to OmniVista Cirrus R10.

  • Configure Your User Profile - Edit your basic User Profile, including user information, password, login security, and user preferences (for example, UI appearance, display color scheme).

  • Discover the User Interface - Provides an overview of the OmniVista Cirrus User Interface for the MSP Dashboard and the Organization Dashboard, including common tools used for working with tables and graphical displays, as well as the OmniVista Cirrus Menu, which is used to access OmniVista Cirrus functions and applications.

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