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Import Device License

To manage devices in OmniVista Cirrus R10, you need to import licenses and bind them to your devices. Importing the licenses requires an Order ID and an Activation Code, which are used to activate the license. Once the licenses have been imported, they will be added to the license pool and will be available for use.

License Order ID and Activation Code

To obtain an Order ID and Activation Code, you must place an order to purchase licenses on the eCommerce website. Once the order has been processed, you will receive an official email containing the Order ID and Activation Code.

Import Device License

There are two ways to access the Import Licenses Page:

  • Click on Import Licenses located at the bottom of the License Status panel on the Organization Dashboard.

  • Click on License Management under the “Organization” section of the OmniVista Cirrus Menu to open the License Management screen, then click on Import Licenses.

You will be then prompted to enter:

  • Order ID

  • Activation code

Enter the Order ID and Activation code you received in your email. If you have ordered additional licenses, click on Add more order and enter the Order ID and Activation Code.

Click Next to proceed to the “Upgrade From Teaser” tab.

On this screen, you can assign licenses to your Access Point devices and allocate a license strategy to be linked with the device.

Before upgrading the license, make sure the Access Points are declared in OmniVista Cirrus. If the Access Point devices have not been set up, begin by accessing the Device Catalog, then proceed to assign licenses and upgrade to a paid license.

License Assignment Method

  • Auto Assignment - Licenses will be automatically assigned to the devices within your organization.

  • Manual Assignment - You have the option to select the devices to which you want to assign licenses. Any devices that are not licensed will be unmanageable until a license is assigned to them.

Assign License Strategy

  • Choose licenses that expires last - OmniVista Cirrus will select licenses with the longest remaining duration. Licenses that are "Available but already activated" will take priority over licenses that are "Available and not yet activated".

  • Choose licenses that expires first - OmniVista will select licenses with the shortest remaining duration, but only those that are available and have some operational time remaining will be considered.

Click Next to proceed with import of Licenses. You will be prompted with a confirmation window.

Click on Proceed to import and activate the paid licenses.

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