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AP Mesh - FAQs/Troubleshooting

How can I view APs that are part of a specific mesh if there are multiple mesh configurations in my network?

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The column “ROOT AP FRIENDLY NAME” in the Device Catalog List contains the information for the Root AP of the mesh network. In order to view a particular mesh, you can search for the specific Root AP either through “search all” or specifically searching through the “ROOT AP FRIENDLY NAME” column.

You changed the AP Mode from Standard to Mesh or updated the existing mesh configuration for an AP, but don’t see the latest changes.

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The accuracy of the information reported for the Friendly Name of the AP depends on the reporting interval of the “” event. Check the last received “” event from the QoE Analytics tab on the Events screen (Diagnostic Tools > Events).

In the event detail, you can find the most recent Mesh configuration, as shown:

To configure the time interval at which the “” event is sent, go to the OmniVista Cirrus Advanced Analytics screen (Wireless > Advanced > External Engines).

My AP became unreachable during a mesh configuration update for a mesh network.

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If any AP is unreachable while performing a mesh configuration update for a mesh network, the below dialog box would appear with details of the AP(s) that are unreachable from OmniVista Cirrus. You can try applying the configuration again once all the APs in the network are reachable.

When I try to change the mesh configuration for a specific mesh, I receive an error message stating that one or more APs have a pending configuration.

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If you receive the above error message when attempting to change the configuration for a specific mesh, consider the following:

  • Previously when a user applied a configuration to APs in a mesh network, a service crash might have occurred during the process which resulted in a configuration push interruption for a few APs.

  • Ideally, this would take 30 minutes to push the configuration to remaining APs once the related service is up and running. It is recommended to wait for 60 minutes for the service to push the configuration to pending APs.

  • In some cases, one or more pending APs might become unreachable due to various factors. So, the service retries this process for around 120 minutes. After this time period, configuration would be pushed to APs in the mesh that are reachable.

  • If an AP becomes unreachable, the new configuration cannot be pushed to the AP. The AP will disconnect from the Mesh. When this happens, use Express UI to manually edit the AP mesh configuration to allow the AP to join the Mesh network again.

How can I reset the mesh configuration to the factory default for one or more AP(s)?

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  • To reset the mesh configuration for a specific AP back to the factory default settings, select the AP device from the the Device Catalog List then click on Mesh/Bridge Configuration from the Actions - Edit Device drop-down menu. When the following screen appears, click on Restore to default.

  • To reset the mesh configuration for all APs in a specific mesh, select an AP device from the Device Catalog List, then click on Mesh Topology in the Actions drop-down menu. The Mesh Topology List screen displays all the APs participating in the mesh. On this screen, click on Edit Mesh Configuration in the Actions drop-down menu. When the following Edit Mesh Configuration screen appears, click on Restore to default.

How can I add a Cluster Mode AP to an existing Mesh network in OmniVista Cirrus?

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If the AP is not added to OmniVista Cirrus and is in Cluster Mode, connect to the default AP Wi-Fi or access Express UI to edit the mesh configuration for the cluster AP (Band, SSID, Passphrase) to be the same as the existing configured Mesh network in OmniVista Cirrus.

Note: If the AP is connected to a switch port, disable Ethernet on the port while still keeping PoE service enabled on the switch to make sure the AP is UP by Mesh network:

→ lanpower port <portNum> admin-state enable

→ interface <portNum> admin-state disable

If the AP Root is not working, what should I do?

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  • You can set up another AP Mesh Root with the same existing Mesh configuration (Band, SSID, Passphrase), then the AP Leaves can successfully join the network with the new AP Mesh Root.

  • For any reason, the Root AP needs to do a factory reset (hardware reset). After the AP is UP, AP Root UP must get all the Mesh configuration from OmniVista Cirrus before the factory reset, then the Mesh is successfully formed.

My AP Leaf became unreachable during a new Mesh configuration update and was disconnected from the Mesh network.

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The Mesh configuration update process will continue for other AP Leafs until the Root AP. Manual intervention is required to edit the Mesh configuration for unreachable APs using the Express UI. After that, the APs will successfully join the Mesh network.

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