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Configuring user login accounts is done as part of a UPAM authentication strategy. Login accounts are created in the UPAM database and are used to define network access control for users attempting to access network resources. The following group of applications are used to configure Employee and Guest accounts and are accessible by clicking on Network Access > Accounts under the “Configure” section of the OmniVista Cirrus Menu:

  • Employee Accounts - Displays information about configured employee accounts and is used to create, edit, and delete employee accounts.

  • Company Property - Displays information about devices owned by a company that can be assigned to an employee for daily use (for example, printers, IP phones, laptops, tablets), and is used to create, edit, and delete property information.

  • Guest Accounts - Displays all configured Guest Accounts and is used to create, edit, and delete Guest Accounts.

  • Guest Operator - Displays all configured Guest Operators and is used to create, edit, and delete a Guest Operator. A Guest Operator is a network operator who manages the guest user network access, which includes creating guest user accounts and approving guest user self-registration requests.

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