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Device List

The Device List section of the Network Analytics Dashboard provides information to help monitor and evaluate the Device performance metrics which also includes the Wireless and Wired Clients Access Point uptime.

Data displayed can be exported into a CSV, PDF or Excel sheet format. You can also switch to full-screen mode for a better display.

The Device List field values provide the following information:

  • Friendly Name - The name assigned to the device is derived from the Preferred Device Naming convention specified in the user preference settings. By default, the Friendly Name is set to IP Address (System Name).

  • MAC Address - The Access Point MAC address.

  • Up Time - The Uptime of the Access Point.

  • Wireless Client - The number of Wireless Clients connected to the Access Point.

  • Wired Client - The number of Wired Clients connected to the Access Point.

  • CPU Usage - The CPU Usage of the Access Point device.

  • Memory Usage - The Memory Usage of the Access Point device.

  • Flash Usage - The Flash Usage of the Access Point device.

  • Valid Until - The time of the last event received from the Access Point that was used to calculate the Uptime or downtime.

To explore specific Device Level Analytics, click on the specific ‘Friendly Name’ in the Device List Table to view the detailed Analytics of a particular Access Point as shown below.

The Device level Network Analytics screen displays filters on the dashboard to define the scope of activity that you want to monitor within a specific window of time.

Device Level Analytics

Note: The ‘Current’ Access Point Uptime and Downtime with the count of Live Wireless and Wired Clients connected and other Network Analytics is shown as a summary at the top and the ‘Historical’ charts are displayed below the Summary view.

The following parameters can be monitored by using above Charts and Tables to evaluate the Access Point Health Trend.

  • Access Point Health Trend (CPU/Memory/Flash)

  • Number of Current Connected Clients Over Time

  • Current Channel Utilization 2.4 GHz/5 GHz/6 GHz

  • Current Channel In-Use Trend 2.4 GHz/5 GHz/6 GHz

  • Throughput Consumption

  • Current Tx Power 2.4GHz/5GHz/6 GHz

  • Live Wireless Clients

  • Live Wired Clients

When you click on the Device button, it displays a drop-down list of the Access Points on the Device list. You can choose another Access Points from the list by selecting an Access Point from the menu, to view the device level analytics of other devices without returning to the Network Analytics screen as shown below.

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