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Connected Clients Over Time

The Connected Clients Over Time section of the Client Analytics Dashboard includes widgets that shows the graphical display of the number of clients connected to managed Access Points during the specified time window. The “Selected date time period” option is used to select the date and time period by clicking on one of the bars from the chart to display the other related Client Analytics metrics on the screen.

The Network Analytics Summary at the top of the dashboard displays the total number of Access Points, Access Points Up, Down Count and number of Live Wireless and Wired Clients connected in the Network.

Data displayed in the chart widget can be exported into a CSV or Excel sheet format. You can also switch the widget to full-screen mode for a better display.

Note: Do not select a time range to view the latest Client Analytics metrics that is more than 7 days. You cannot specify a custom time range to view the Connected Clients Over Time metrics for the last 30-day period.

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