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Alerts - FAQs/Troubleshooting

I can’t select a longer time period in the data filter on the Alerts screen.

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The time range options that you can select on the Alerts screen are based on the data persistency values set in Basic Settings for the Organization.

  • Check the values set for Alerts in the data persistency section of the Basic Settings screen (Organization > Settings > Basic Settings).

  • Limit for the Alerts is minimum 7 days to maximum 30 days.

I don’t see the specific type of Alerts in the summary section of the Alerts screen.

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The type of Alerts displayed is based on the Scope/Alert type selected in the Alert template. Check that the correct Scope and Time period is selected.

  • Click on Manage Alert Templates on the Alerts screen.

  • An Alert template is applied to the selected Scope. Select the Active template of the desired Scope and click on the Edit icon under the “Actions” column.

  • Select the missing Alert Type and save the changes.

Note that the Site Scope is always preferred over the Organization Scope.

I don’t see the live notifications in the real time.

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  • Live notification are displayed at the interval of one minute.

  • The Notification Panel displays only the latest 10 (approximately) records. To see all records, click on see all at the bottom of the panel.

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