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Stellar BLE Data Format

Consider the following information and data format that is used to send BLE messages to third-party Asset Tracking applications:

  • The payload data format of the Bluetooth gateway report is an array of JSON, which contains one or more Bluetooth device information scanned in a reporting cycle.

  • The reported information includes information about the scanned Bluetooth device and the Bluetooth gateway. Consider the following data format used to report the scanned information.


  1. To get smoothing BLE data, if the RssiFormat is “average” and the number of scans in a reporting cycle is greater than three, the highest and lowest values are removed and the average value is taken.

  2. To include the channel of the BLE channel of collected RSSI:

    1. BLE has only three fixed broadcast channels, and in a broadcast event, a broadcast packet is transmitted on each channel. As a result, it is not possible for the scanning device to specify that the scanning should take place on a specific channel.

    2. In a scanning event, the device will scan three channels in turn, and the scanned response data does not contain the channel.

    3. If it is the scanning channel of the WiFi, that is supported.

The reporting JSON data format is similar to the following:

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