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  • External Engines - The External Engines application is used to declare server configurations for Aeroscout, Stellar Asset Tracking, Wifi RTLS, and Advanced Analytics. OmniVista Cirrus can integrate with an Aeroscout, OmniVista Cirrus WiFi RTLS, and OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking Server to provide Location Based Services (LBS); OmniVista Advanced Analytics to provide advanced analytics data to OmniVista Cirrus 10.1 and above installations. BLE Location Service is a pre-configured service dedicated to OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking.

  • Certificates- The Certificates application is used to configure/upload a Web Server/External Portal Server Certificate File. This Certificate File is used to establish a secure connection between OmniVista Cirrus and APs when using the Web UI Device Management Tool as well as a secure connection to an External Portal Server. This application is also used to upload a Local LDAP Certificate File, which is used to establish a secure connection between an AP and a Local LDAP Server.

  • External Captive Portal - The External Captive Portal Configuration file is used to provide secure communication between APs and an External Captive Portal Server. The management of external configuration files is done through Access Role Profiles. When the Captive Portal option for the Access Role Profile is set to “External”, you can specify the name of an External Captive Portal Configuration file to use. Traffic assigned to the profile will be redirected to the External Captive Portal Server identified in the configuration file.

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