SMS notifications are sent through SMS service providers to inform the users with short messages about the services which they have configured in OmniVista Cirrus 10.2.
For each organization, Organization Admin users can configure which SMS Service will be used to send SMS notifications. In OmniVista Cirrus 10.2, the SMS service configuration is available for two services.

  1. Plivo

  2. Twilio

To configure SMS provider settings, click on Organization > Settings > SMS Provider to view the SMS Provider page.

Select your preferred SMS Service Provider (Twilio or Plivo) and configure its settings.

Preferred SMS Provider

You need an account to enable SMS services from OmniVista Cirrus. Register for an account if you don't have one already on Twilio or Plivo.

Pilvo SMS Provider Settings

  • Plivo Auth ID - Every Plivo resource has an authentication Id. You can find it from your Plivo Web Console.

  • Plivo Auth Token - Plivo uses the Auth Token to authenticate API requests. The Auth Token can be located in the Plivo Web Console.

Twilio SMS Provider Settings

  • Twilio Account SID - Every Twilio resource has a digit String Identifier. You can find it from your Twilio Web Console.

  • Twilio Auth Token - Twilio uses the Auth Token to authenticate API requests. The Auth Token can be rotated in the Twilio Web Console.

Source Number

The source number specifies the phone number, short code, or Messaging Service that will send the SMS message. The source Number must be associated with your registered account in Plivo or Twilio.

After configuring SMS Provider Settings, you can test the SMS Service by sending a test SMS.