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View MSP User Login Attempts

On the MSP Dashboard, click on the left menu and select Users > Login Attempts to access the MSP Login Attempts page.


This page allows you to view all the login attempts made by MSP-level users over the last 60 days.

  • Timestamp: The date and time the user attempted to login.

  • User: The user name and email address of the user who attempted to login.

  • Level: The access level assigned to the user. For example, “ORG” for Organization user access or “MSP” for Managed Service Provider access.

  • Status: The status of the attempted user login (Success, Failure, or Locked).

    • Success: The user successfully logged in.

    • Failure: The user entered a wrong password.

    • Locked: The user attempted to log in when their account was not verified.

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