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Understanding the Available Capacity Metric

The “Available Capacity” QoE metric tracks the percentage of time the available RF channel capacity was greater than the defined threshold.

The threshold can be configured from 10% to 50%. The default threshold value is 10%.

The “Available Capacity” metric tracks the following four kinds of failures that will be counted if the Available Capacity starts to be less than the configured threshold:

  • Wi-Fi Interference - One record is classified as a Wi-Fi Interference when the experienced capacity is below the configured threshold and the number of the Interfering Access Points is greater than 30 for the Access Point on which the client is currently connected to.

  • Client Count - One record is classified as a Client Count when the number of clients currently connected to the Access Point is over 30.

  • Client Usage - A Client Usage failure can occur when the data usage at the Access Point level is too large.

  • Others - A failure is tracked as Others if it was not classified to one of the other three classifiers above.

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