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MSP Settings

On the MSP Dashboard, click on the left menu and select MSP Settings to access the MSP user Settings page. The Settings are applicable for the MSP Users who are invited by the organization administrator in the network, to reset the password or to change the password.


Enter the following fields and follow the process to reset or change the password settings of the MSP User:

  • Name - Name of the Organization. (It should have at most only 30 characters.)

  • Password settings - Select the password policy to enforce when the user logins in. This setting applies strong password rules when creating or editing OmniVista users. The existing users with the weak passwords can still continue to login even if strong password is chosen.

    • Strong Password - Minimum password length is 14 with the following required guidelines:

      • Min number of upper-case letters: 1

      • Min number of lower-case letters: 1

      • Min number of digits: 1

      • Min number of special characters: 1 in the list of ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ . +

      • Password can not contain e-mail

      • Reuse of any of the last three passwords is prohibited

    • Weak Password - Minimum password length is 8 with no required guidelines. Password can contain username. Only the old and new password have to be different.

  • Enforcement password - This option appears when you select the ‘Strong Password’ option from the Password settings menu as shown below. Selecting this option will apply the chosen password policy settings to the existing users within the organization or site. Now the existing users will be prompted to update their passwords based on this policy. Please select one of the following options to send an alert to users to update their passwords.

    • No warning - There will be no immediate warning message will be sent to the users to update passwords but the users will be alerted while editing their profile.

    • Show message after login - The users will see a message after they log in to the network to update their passwords.

MSP basic settings - OmniVista Cirrus 10.4.2-20240221-150546.png

After you have finished with the field values, click on the Save button to save the settings of the passwords.

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