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IoT - FAQs/Troubleshooting

IoT endpoints are not seen after connecting endpoints to AP.

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Verify in device catalog AP activation status is ‘OV managed’.
Verify the IoT status is enabled for the AP from device catalog.
Once verified, refresh the IoT devices page and check whether correct date filter is applied.
Related config and logs in AP to troubleshoot:

  • /tmp/config/iot.conf

  • /tmp/log/iot.log

I am unable to see some column for IoT devices.

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Display of columns in table is depending upon the ‘view’ option selected. Verify what ‘view’ option is selected.
If not sure, select ‘All’ option to display all columns.

I am not able to see enforcement status or update enforcement status of category.

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Manual update of enforcement status is not allowed when automatic enforcement is enabled. Disable the automatic enforcement from settings, you will be able to see enforcement status column and can update the status manually.

Hierarchy not listed while creating custom category.

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The listed category hierarchies that have been detected from the connected endpoint and displayed for selection.

Why enforcement is not applied to device endpoint.

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Verify the automatic enforcement is ON.
Verify the endpoint mapped to correct category. Then try reconnecting the device.

UNP not getting updated after deleting UNP.

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Disconnect the connected endpoint and reconnect.

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