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Create a First Application

Before making your first API call, you need to create an Application.

  1. Sign In to the OmniVista Cirrus application with your user account.

2. Click on your user icon on the top right corner and select the Applications item:

3. You are redirected to the Applications page. Click on the Create Application button:

4. Fill in the new application form and click on the Create Application button:

5. The application is created and appears on your Applications page. Click on the Edit application icon to access the application keys:

6. Take a look at the second bloc, you will see your generated App Secret and App Id keys. These two keys are unique and will identify your application. They will be used to make your API calls.

7. You are now ready to make your first API call!

Tip: When a new application is created, its status is automatically set to Deployed. When an application is Deployed, it means that its API calls are authorized on the OmniVista solution with a couple of Application Id/Application Secret associated with this application. If you want to suspend for a time the usage of these identifiers, you can Un-deploy the application. The status will change to Undeployed and the usage of the Application Id/Application Secret identifiers will be suspended.

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