The Inventory Scheduled Upgrades screen is used to schedule automatic upgrades for your network devices. The Scheduled Upgrade feature enables you to schedule automatic upgrades to specific network devices during specific time windows (e.g., non-business hours) to ensure minimal network disruption. You can create, edit, and delete scheduled upgrades. Configured scheduled upgrades are displayed in the Scheduled Upgrades List.

To configure and manage automatic upgrade schedules, navigate to the Scheduled Upgrades screen by clicking on Inventory > Scheduled Upgrades under the “Configure” section of the OmniVista Cirrus Menu.

Note that scheduled upgrades can also be configured on the Device Catalog screen (Inventory > Device Catalog) by selecting a device(s) in the Device Catalog List and clicking on the Actions button. From the Actions drop-down menu, select the Edit Device > Schedule Software Upgrade option.

Important Note: It is recommended that you schedule upgrades on devices so that they do not adversely affect network performance. For example, stagger upgrades of different devices in different time windows during non-busy hours.

Creating a Scheduled Upgrade

Use one of the two methods below to create a scheduled upgrade. When creating a scheduled upgrade, you define the schedule, the devices, and the software version to be used for the upgrade.

Editing a Scheduled Upgrade

Select a schedule upgrade in the Scheduled Upgrades List, then select “Edit” from the “Actions” drop-down menu. The Edit Scheduled Upgrade screen opens. Edit the fields as describes in Schedule a Device Upgrade from the Scheduled Upgrades List, then click on the Save button.

Deleting a Scheduled Upgrade

Select an upgrade schedule in the Scheduled Upgrades List, select “Delete” from the “Actions” drop-down menu, then click Delete on the Confirmation Prompt.

After deleting a scheduled upgrade, the Desired Version of scheduled devices will change to “Do Not Upgrade” in Device Catalog

Scheduled Upgrade List

The Scheduled Upgrade List provides information on all scheduled upgrades.

  • Schedule Name - User-configured name for the scheduled upgrade.

  • Status - The status of the schedule upgrade.

    • Scheduled - The upgrade is scheduled to occur in the future. Note that if some of the devices in a Scheduled Upgrade were not upgraded during the configured time window, the status will change from "Upgrading" back to "Scheduled" until the next recurrence of the upgrade.

    • Upgrading - The upgrade is taking place within the configure time window.

    • Disabled - The scheduled upgrade was disabled when the time setting expired.

  • Groups - The Access Point Groups selected for upgrade.

  • Devices List -The devices being upgraded. Click on the devices in the column to view a full list of devices and additional information on each device, including the upgrade status of each device.

  • Start Date - The date and time the upgrade is scheduled to start.

  • End Date - The date and time the upgrade is scheduled to end.

  • Last Updated Date - The date and time the scheduled upgrade took place.