The Clients Dashboard provides a list of clients that are currently connected to Access Points that are managed in your network. To access the Clients Dashboard, click on Network > Analytics > Clients under the “Monitor” section of the OmniVista Cirrus Menu.

Use the display filters on the dashboard to define the scope of client activity that you want to monitor based on the organization/ sites/ building/ floors or Access Points.

The Device Summary Table section of the dashboard provides detailed information about the managed access points for currently connected clients in the network.

Data displayed can be exported into a CSV, PDF or Excel sheet format. You can also switch to full-screen mode for a better display.

For each access point in the list, the following attributes values are provided:

  • Friendly Name - The IP address and access point of the client.

  • Number of Wireless Clients - Number of Wireless clients associated with the access point.

  • Number of Wired Clients - Number of Wired clients associated with the access point.

  • MAC Address - The MAC address of the access point to which client is associated.

Further, the Clients Dashboard is divided into four sections to monitor the online wireless and wired clients activities:

Note that the information gathered for “Device Type” and “Device OS” fields in any of the above sections depends on the information provided by the AP Client. As a result, these fields may appear blank based on the capability of the Client to provide the information.