The Device Catalog page is accessible from the CONFIGURE > Network-Wide > Inventory menu.

The following informations is displayed for each Access Point:

  • Access Point MAC Address - The Access Point MAC address.

  • IP Address (v4) - The IP v4 address of the device.

  • IP Address (v6) - The IP v6 address of the device.

  • Last Seen - Date on which the Access Point reported last data to OmniVista cloud Infrastructure.

  • Serial Number - The Serial Number of the Access Point.

  • Type - The model of the Access Point.

  • Device Name - The name assigned to the Access Point.

  • Site Name - The name of the site on which the Access Point is declared.

  • Building - The name of the building on which the Access Point is located.

  • Floor - The name of the floor on which the Access Point is located.

  • Version - Optional access point version.

  • Last Updated - The last updated date.

  • Geo-Location - GPS Coordinates of the localized Access Point.

  • System Contact - System Contact of the device.

  • Description - Optional description for the Access Point.