You can change the look of the OmniVista Cirrus User Interface, the colors displayed in OmniVista Cirrus charts, and enable login history storage for your account.

Open the User Profile Menu by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of any screen. Select My Profile to bring up the Account Information Screen, then click on Settings on the left-side of the screen to bring up the Settings Screen.

Set Up Login History

By default, login history information for your account is not stored. Click on the Store Login History slider to enable storage of login history information. Click Save to save the change.


You can change the User Interface Theme (UI Color Scheme) and Display Mode (left-hand-side menu behavior).


By default, the basic OmniVista Cirrus User Interface colors are black and grey. You can change the basic colors to an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise look (purple and black) by selecting this option and clicking Save. The change takes effect immediately. You can change back at any time.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise look

Display Mode

By default, the left-hand-side menu expands and contracts when you hover the mouse over the area (“Collapsed”). You can change the behavior to display an expanded menu at all times by selecting the “Extended” option. The change takes effect immediately. You can change back at any time.

Color theme for charts

By default, a primary color theme is applied. Pie, Line, and Bar Charts will take this theme for their display. You can also select another color theme based on a purple gradient.