A new subscription teaser period defaults to a 180-day time frame and the ability to manage up to 20 devices. To increase the subscription time frame and/or the number of devices to manage, click on the Request an update button on the Organization Home Dashboard or on the Subscription Management screen.

The Subscription Update Request form displays. Complete the fields you want to update, as described below, and click the Send Request button.

  • Current number of allowed devices - The number of devices that you are allowed to manage with the current subscription.

  • How many devices would you like to manage? - Click on the arrows in this field to adjust the number of devices you want to manage with this subscription.

  • Actual end date - The original end date of the subscription period.

  • When would you like to extend the subscription? - Enter a new end date to extend the subscription period.

  • Business argument - Explain why you would like to make the requested changes to your subscription.