When a new Organization is created, an Organization Widget representing the new Organization appears on the MSP Dashboard. Before an Organization can be configured for network management, access to the Organization must be requested . This is done by clicking on the Request Teaser Period button at the bottom of the Organization Widget.

A Request Teaser Period form is displayed. Complete the fields as described in the MSP Users section or the Access an Organization section to send the request for a teaser period. When the request is sent, the Request Teaser Period button changes to an Access to this organization button.

Once you have been granted access and click on the Access to this organization button, the Organization Dashboard will appear. From the Organization Dashboard, you can create sites, buildings, and floors. You can also add devices, create Organization Users, and monitor the Organization’s network.  

The Teaser (subscription) Period for evaluating OmniVista Cirrus 10.1 defaults to a 180 day period, but an extension can be granted.