The Device Catalog screen displays a list of devices that are known to an organization site. The list will be empty if no devices have been added to the site. There are three methods for adding a device to a site: import an OmniVista CSV file, import an Excel XLSX file, or manually add a device.

To manually add a device to a specific organization site, click on the Create Device button in the top-right corner of the Device Catalog screen to bring up the Create Device form.

The Create Device form is where you enter information to describe the device you want to add and where that device is located. Complete the required fields and any optional fields, as described below, then click on the Create Device button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Click on the Create another checkbox to return to the Create Device form to fill out for another device. If this box is not checked, the display returns to the Device Catalog screen.

1. Basic Information

  • Device Name (Required) - The name to assign to the device.

  • MAC Address (Required) - The MAC address of the device. Enter the MAC address using any one of the following formats: 00:80:0f:33:33:24, 00-80-0f-33-33-24, 00800f333324, or 008.00f.333.324. The OmniVista Cirrus user interface will automatically apply the correct MAC address format.

Allowing multiple MAC address formats is a convenience provided only through the OmniVista Cirrus user interface. Multiple formats are not supported in REST API or when importing devices from an Excel sheet or CSV file.

  • IP address (v4)/IP address (v6) - The IPv4 and/or IPv6 address that is assigned to the device.

  • Serial Number - The serial number of the device.

  • Type (Required)- The type of device (for example, OAW-AP122).

  • Friendly Name - A user-friendly name to assign to the device.

  • Description - A description of the device.

2. Software Information

  • Version - The version of software the device is running.

  • System Contact - The contact information for the device (for example, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

3. Assigned Site

  • Site (Required) - The Organization site where the device is physically located and installed (see Configure and Manage a Site for steps on how to define a site for an Organization).

  • Building - The name of the building at the Organization site where the device is physically located.

  • Floor - The name of the floor in the building where the device is physically located.

4. Location in the Building

  • Physical Location - The physical location for the device (for example, Rack-1).

5. Device Image - Upload an image file (jpg, jpeg, or png) that will be associated with the device.