The Device Location feature will be enabled only when you will have declared at least one Building on your site and one Floor in one of the Buildings.

From the Organization menu, click on CONFIGURE > Network-Wide > Inventory > Device Location item to access the Device Location page.

This page is divided into 2 parts:

  • Device List: On the left, all devices declared on your site are displayed. You can search for a specific device by entering his name or MAC Address.

  • Floor plan: This is the floor plan of the current selected Building/Floor. You can switch to a different floorplan by selecting another entry from the bottom right dropdown on the floorplan.

Locate a Device on the Floorplan

The “Set Location” button will be displayed for all devices not yet located on a floor plan.

Click on the “Set Location” button to start the process.

The “Set location” is then automatically replaced by a “Cancel” button which allows canceling the current initiated process if you want.

Once you clicked on the “Set Location” button, move your mouse to the right on the floorplan. You will see that attached to your mouse, a Gateway Pointer will be displayed. Simply move and zoom to the desire location and click on the map to validate the position.

A modal window will appear automatically asking you to enter the Device elevation (in meters) from the floor.

Click on the “Save” button to apply your changes.

Your device is now well located on your floorplan. On the left, 3 buttons are now attached to the located Device:

  • Highlight Device: Click on this button to highlight this device on the map

  • Edit Device Location: Click on this button to change the current Device location.

  • Remove Device Location: Click on this button to completely remove the Device Location.

Highlight a Device on the Floorplan

Click on the blue “Highlight Device” button of the device you want to locate on the map.

A zoom is automatically performed on the map, and a tooltip is displayed on the top of the highlighted device. The marker turns purple to make it easier to locate the device on the map.

Edit Device Location

Click on the yellow “Edit Device Location” button of the device for which you want to edit the location.

Then, select one of the following options:

  • Edit Location: Click here if you want to change the current device location on the floorplan

  • Edit floor elevation: Click here if you want simply to update the floor elevation without changing his location.

Remove Device Location

Click on the red “Remove Device Location” button of the device for which you want to remove the location.

A modal window is displayed asking you to confirm your action.