The Device Catalog screen displays a list of devices that are known to an organization site. The list will be empty if no devices have been added to the site. There are three methods for adding a device to a site: import an OmniVista CSV file, import an Excel XLSX file, or manually add a device.

To import devices from an existing OmniVista .csv file, click on Import from… in the top-right corner of the Device Catalog screen and select OmniVista CSV file. You will then be prompted to enter the .csv file name and specify the site to which the devices will be added.

  1. Click in the File Browser field to find and select the existing CSV file to import.

If you need more information about how to generate an OmniVista CSV file, move the cursor over How do I download a .csv from from OmniVista?.

2. Click in the Site Assignment field to display a list of sites and select the site to which the devices defined in the CSV file will be imported.

3. Click on the Import button in the lower-right corner. The Device Catalog list for the site is populated with the imported devices.