Check your OmniVista Build number:

You need to use your existing OmniVista Instance (Enterprise or Cirrus) to configure the correct Analytics URL to be applied to your Access Points.

The minimal software version required is:

Configure the required Analytics/QoE URL on your Access Points:

  1. Sign in to your OmniVista instance.

  2. Access the Network > AP Group page.

3. Please select the Network > AP Registration > IoT/Location/Advanced Analytics Server option:

4. From this page, click on the Add button to create a new server:

The existing “Simple Event Collection” profile is used by OmniVista 2500 NMS or OmniVista Cirrus to display events on the AP Events page.

Please create in addition a new profile that will allow emitting data to the new OmniVista Cirrus 10.1 system.

5. Please enter a Name, select the OmniVista Cirrus Advanced Analytics option from the Engine Type attribute, and enter the server URL in the Server IP/Host attribute: (depending on the region in which you will create your OmniVista Cirrus 10.1 account):

  • EU region: Port: 9093

  • US region: Port: 9093

  • APAC region: Port: 9093

6. Click to validate that your server was created. Once created, it should appear on the list:

7. From the LHS menu, please select the AP Group option. Select an AP Group on which you want to apply the Advanced Analytics feature and click on the Edit button:

8. Scroll down until finding the “IoT/Location/Advanced Analytics Server” group. From this group, select your created Server (you should find it with the entered name).

9. Once applied, all access points that belong to this group should receive the updated configuration, ready to communicate with the OmniVista Cirrus 10.1 platform.